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Lip Blushing
Make “I Woke Up Like This” A Reality!
Juicy! Pouty! Kissable! We’re discussing the lips, and surely no woman would turn down the chance to have full, plump lips that look fresh and young. Lip plumpness and pigmentation fade with age, and the lip border that naturally defines the lips become less noticeable. An enhancement with a cosmetic tattoo can make your lips look fuller, younger, and more symmetrical.
Lip Blushing
What Is Lip Blushing?
Lip blushing is a relatively new cosmetic treatment that uses a semi-permanent tattoo to add definition and color to the lips.The lips are dyed with ink, thus the name. However, the selected shade is often one that is pleasing to the eye. While technically a tattoo, lip blushing is performed using a handheld instrument rather than a traditional tattoo machine. The ink is deposited into the surface of the lips using a little blade on the device, which causes hardly visible incisions.
Lip Blushing
Lip Blushing
The Day Of The Treatment
Your first step is to describe your goals and the desired lip hue. Our cosmetic lip artist will advise you and explain which options would look best on you. The typical color palette includes light pink, bright crimson, and everything in between. In addition, you get to choose and describe the desired outcome for your lips, such as enlarging, defining, or otherwise altering their appearance. Our artist will begin tattooing your lips after all the specifications are finalized. It may take a few hours for the specialist to complete the procedure to make sure they don’t miss any spot. Additionally, if necessary, the lips and lip line might be tattooed to get the desired impression.
What Does Healing Process Look Like?
It takes four to five days for the wound to heal. After the treatment, your lips might look a little puffy and the color might be a little darker, but don’t worry. It is normal for this to happen, and the color will change as the wound heals. Also, scabs are likely to form and fall off in about a week.
Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing Post Care

Luckily, lip blush does not take too long to heal. During this time, it is important to follow your aesthetician’s instructions religiously.Avoid wearing makeup, especially around your lips and on them. Avoid sweating and stay out of the sun. Wash the area gently and pat it dry without using any harsh cosmetics. Apply the cream or moisturizer that the permanent makeup artist gave you to keep things from going wrong. You should never touch the scabs and try to pull them off. Let them fall off on their own so that nothing goes wrong.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lip Blushing Painful?
Not at all. The treatment is done with a high-tech tool that looks like a digital pen. It doesn’t go as far into the layers of skin as the old tattoo tool did. Also, you don’t have to scratch as much as you do with microblading. Besides, the numbing solution is put on before the treatment to keep you from feeling any pain.
The results can last from two years to five years. Some factors that might hasten fading include excessive sun exposure, perspiring excessively, and the use of certain cosmetics. Your lip blush will seem fresher for longer if you have regular touch-ups.
For best results, two sessions are recommended. Sometimes just one session is enough, but you can add on a perfecting session if you want to. After the first week, the color looks lighter. Some clients like this look, while others prefer something bolder.
About three to four days are required for Lip Blush to recover.
Even though lip blushing doesn’t actually make your lips bigger, it makes them look bigger, just like makeup. It makes the person look fuller or more defined. We have to think of it as a kind of makeup that stays on for a while.

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Lip Blushing

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