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Medical Aesthetices  >  Medical Grade Facials  >  JLo Glow - Hydra Brightening Beauty Booster

  • JLo Glow - Hydra Brightening Beauty Booster

  • Glow Naturally!

    Who is one of the most famous celebrities with skin that just doesn’t seem to age?
    Of course, it’s Jennifer Lopez! As a pop star and a beauty icon, JLo has our undying admiration. Because we love her so much, we decided to give one of our go-to skin treatment JLo Glow. JLo Glow – Hydra Brightening Beauty Booster is the newest addition, and it helps you achieve that famous “JLo Glow”.
    Adding our Skin Professional range of exfoliators, cleansers and serums for the brightening effect, our most in-demand Facial is unique with 5 different medical grade technologies in an ALL IN ONE 60 minute treatment. The facial combines the benefits of 5 of the best facials on the market with 5 unique technologies applied in one go.

    The 5 steps leading to 3D Hydra Brightening Beauty Booster

    1) Hydro Peel/Deep Cleanse: Combining three solutions, an AHA-based solution that smoothens the skin, a BHA-based solution that improves inflamed skin, and the third solution that leaves the skin nourished and hydrated to get the best results.

    4) Fire and Ice: The ‘fire’ represents heat up to 43 degrees Celsius during treatment through an applicator and the ‘cryo facial’ uses a cooling technology to reduce the skin temperature down to 5 degrees Celsius.

    2- 3 )Hydration & Skin Tightening: Radio frequency technology tightens skin by increasing collagen formation. Ultrasound technology deep moisturizes the skin, especially around fine lines and wrinkles, for a wrinkle-free appearance.

    5) Exfoliation and rejuvenation:This step creates the Bohr effect, allowing the skin to absorb oxygen. Active substances Kojic Acid and Retinol moisturize and brighten skin. It enhances the absorbency of skin cells to revitalize lifeless skin utilizing electroporation.

    When will I see the results?

    The results are visible after just one facial! For optimum results it is recommended you take a course of 6 facials in 3-4 months (1 facial every 2-3 week)


    • Use SPF 30+ to protect your skin from the sun
    • Stick to a skin care regime of your choice to help maintain the results from the treatment.


    3D JLo Glow facial helps with skin conditions like:

    • Aging
    • Dehydrated skin
    • Lax skin
    • Dull complexion


    The 3D HydrO2 is suitable for different kinds. Our aesthetician will conduct a complete health assessment to determine whether or not you are suitable for the treatment. 

    The length of the treatment depends on which facial area is being treated. The treatment can take anywhere between 30 minutes for a targeted area  all the way to 90 minutes for a  Full Face and Neck treatment.

    The  treatment is not suitable for:

    • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
    • Inflamed/irritated skin at the treatment area
    • Undergoing treatment for cancer
    • Allergic to any ingredient contained within the treatment

    After the treatment your skin will immediately feel smooth and hydrated. Our anti-ageing skin care solution can be combined to help result in a tightened texture to the skin.

    The 3D HydrO2 facial is a non-surgical treatment and thus requires no downtime. You can go about your day as you would right after the treatment. 

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