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Vendella Signature Facial
Vendella Signature Facial
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What is Vendella Signature Facial?
The Vendella Signature Facial is a premier multi-step skincare treatment designed to tackle common skin concerns and deliver instant results. If you’re seeking solutions for issues like dullness, dryness, uneven texture, or signs of aging, this comprehensive facial has you covered. It combines innovative steps of derma planning, hydration, exfoliation, Oxygeneo, and skin tightening, that leave you with radiant, revitalized skin while providing an effective solution to the skincare challenges you face.
Vendella Signature Facial
Steps of Vendella Signature Facial
The Vendella Signature Facial is a carefully crafted multi-step skincare treatment designed to address common skin concerns and deliver instant, visible results. It takes you through the following key steps:
Vendella Signature Facial
Vendella Signature Facial
Benefits of Vendella Signature Facial
The Vendella Signature Facial is a sought-after choice for those seeking a comprehensive skincare solution. It delivers a wide range of benefits, including:

How long does it take to see results?

Results from the Vendella Signature Facial can vary based on individual skin types and conditions. However, many clients often notice immediate skin texture, smoothness, and hydration improvements right after the treatment. For optimal and lasting results, a series of sessions is recommended. Consistent application of the facial can lead to cumulative benefits, with enhanced skin tone, radiance, and firmness becoming more noticeable over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific post-care instructions to follow?
While there is minimal downtime, avoiding sun exposure and harsh skincare products is recommended immediately after the facial. Your skincare professional will provide detailed post-care instructions based on your individual needs.
The Vendella Signature Facial is generally well-tolerated and not considered painful. Clients may experience a tingling sensation during certain steps, but discomfort is minimal.
Yes, the facial is designed to be safe and effective for all skin types. However, individual consultations are recommended to address specific concerns and customize the treatment accordingly.
The duration of the facial typically ranges from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on individual skin needs and additional services included.
While some immediate results are noticeable, a series of sessions is recommended for long-lasting benefits. The exact number of sessions depends on individual skin conditions and goals.


What Our Members Are Saying

Amazing service — my injector was very attentive and knowledgeable. Definitely went over and above to ensure that I was satisfied with results (follow up appointment). I will definitely be making this my regular clinic for Botox and filler treatments.
Stephanie Werner

I have been twice for botox and will keep coming back. The staff is friendly and the treatment is well priced. I have been happy with how the botox has worked. I recommend getting the membership if you want to do multiple treatments.
Michelle Montero

Lovely knowledgeable fair. The place is very clean. The services are lovely and I like that they give me back ground information about my treatments. The membership is worth every penny.
Marwyn Christie

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Vendella Signature Facial

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