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What is LED Phototherapy?

LED Phototherapy (Light Emitting Diode Phototherapy) is a modern treatment that uses certain kinds of light for contact with skin cells and promotes various refreshing processes. LED Phototherapy, unlike other forms of therapy that glow because of several lasers, is a gentle painless alternative that acts suitably for all skin types. It’s also known as “LED Light Therapy” or “LED Skin Treatment.”
LED Phototherapy Oshawa
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How does LED Phototherapy work?

LED Phototherapy stimulates the skin by sending certain frequencies of light energy. These wavelengths penetrate the skin at different depths and are absorbed by inflammatory cells, and other essential parts involved in the creation of collagen. Light energy absorbed causes a chain reaction of cellular processes that result in refreshed skin, improved circulation, and decreased inflammation.
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LED Phototherapy Oshawa

What Does LED Phototherapy Treat?

Among the many benefits of LED Phototherapy include: Skin rejuvenation as the treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in smoother, stronger, and more youthful-looking skin. As well as treating acne! Blue light targets and destroys acne-causing bacteria, whereas red light reduces swelling and promotes healing. More specifically, due to the use of certain wavelengths, the procedure also encourages faster wound healing and certain frequencies of light can further lessen Hyperpigmentation.
LED Phototherapy Oshawa
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Am I A Suitable Candidate?

LED Phototherapy is generally safe for people of all ages and skin types. It’s especially useful for people looking for non-invasive solutions to skin problems or who are allergic to more rough treatments. However, individuals who are pregnant or have light-sensitive conditions should consult with their doctor to ensure it is the safest option available to them before going through with LED Phototherapy as, otherwise, they may experience side effects.

Is LED Phototherapy Safe or Painful?

LED Phototherapy is a painless and gentle procedure. Patients may feel a warm sensation or tingling during the session, but the discomfort is kept to a minimum due to our experts who take pride in working with detail and care to make your appointment their utmost priority! And, because the treatment is non-invasive, patients can resume their normal activities almost immediately after their session.
LED Phototherapy Oshawa

What is Recovery Like?

As the treatment is non-invasive, most clients may enjoy returning to their daily lives almost immediately after the session. Although to secure the glowing effect of the session, it is recommended for individuals to give their skin a break from any make-up products- so that they may not trigger any irritations, especially if they have sensitive skin! However, with this personal care and attention to your skin, clients may also continue to enjoy their new, natural glow.
LED Phototherapy Oshawa
How Can I Prepare for My Treatment?
A few simple steps can make a big difference as you prepare for your upcoming session. Begin by gently cleansing your skin to ensure a clean canvas. Then, in the days leading up to your session, avoid any hard exfoliation or strong skincare products; we want your skin to perform its best at its most receptive. But, most importantly: Hydrate! Drink plenty of water to keep your skin and remember that a little sunscreen goes a long way.
How Long Do Results Last?
While the results of LED Phototherapy are long-lasting, they may differ from one client to the next. It is important that clients continue to take good care of their skin with, for example, sunblock and personal moisturizing routines to maintain their results. However, it may still be suitable for each client to have a different number of sessions, depending on the condition of their skin when they first begin with us- and from there, a personalized recovery plan may be created.
LED Phototherapy Oshawa

Why Choose Us?

It’s all about highlighting your independent beauty! Our mission is to provide you with amazing LED Phototherapy results that enhance your natural glow and leave you feeling confident and radiant. Our skilled practitioners are true artisans, creating treatments that highlight your unique personality while maintaining an authentic appearance. Your LED Phototherapy journey is all about boosting your beauty in the most natural, genuine, and wonderful way possible!

Find out more about what to expect before and after the treatment?

LED Phototherapy Oshawa

Find out more about what to expect before and after the treatment?

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What Our Members Are Saying

Amazing service — my injector was very attentive and knowledgeable. Definitely went over and above to ensure that I was satisfied with results (follow up appointment). I will definitely be making this my regular clinic for Botox and filler treatments.
Stephanie Werner

I have been twice for botox and will keep coming back. The staff is friendly and the treatment is well priced. I have been happy with how the botox has worked. I recommend getting the membership if you want to do multiple treatments.
Michelle Montero

Lovely knowledgeable fair. The place is very clean. The services are lovely and I like that they give me back ground information about my treatments. The membership is worth every penny.
Marwyn Christie


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I see results after LED Phototherapy?
Patience is essential as you begin your LED Phototherapy journey. Typically, visible results appear just after a few sessions! You’ll notice a subtle but significant change in the texture, tone, and overall glow of your skin after a few weeks. Still, consistency, as it is with any skincare treatment, is essential for getting and keeping the optimal results achieved through your personalized journey.
There are a few guidelines to follow after enjoying the LED Phototherapy glow. Protect your newly refreshed skin from the sun and harsh elements and, give your skin a break from intense workouts or saunas for the first 24 hours after treatment.
LED Phototherapy, like Botox, has varying costs depending on the area being treated and the number of sessions needed. However, keep in mind that investing in the health and beauty of your skin is a priceless investment that will yield long-term confidence!
An LED Phototherapy session is a quick and convenient place in the midst of life’s hustle and bustle. It’s a quick but effective 15-to-30-minute treatment that fits into your schedule – you could even call it a “glow-up lunch break.”
Of course, there are alternatives to LED Phototherapy in the wrinkle reduction world. Dermal fillers can help to restore volume, while treatments like High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) can help to stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture.
Yes! LED Phototherapy matches other cosmetic procedures to further your skincare journey. When combined with dermal fillers, chemical peels, or laser treatments, LED Phototherapy can result in a multifaceted growth that enhances your natural appeal and rejuvenates your skin.

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