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PRP Post-Care Protocols
Follow Aftercare Instructions
Carefully follow the aftercare instructions provided by your healthcare provider. These instructions may vary depending on your specific PRP treatment and your provider’s recommendations.
Avoid Touching
After the PRP injections, avoid touching or scratching the treated areas to minimize the risk of infection or irritation.
You can typically shampoo your hair the day after the PRP treatment, but use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. Avoid harsh chemicals or styling products for a few days.
Avoid Heat
Refrain from using heated styling tools (such as hair dryers and straighteners) for a few days after the treatment to prevent excessive scalp heat.
Limit Sun Exposure
Protect your scalp from direct sun exposure and UV radiation for at least a week following the procedure. Wear a hat or use sunscreen to shield your scalp.
Hydration and Nutrition
Maintain a balanced diet and stay well-hydrated to support the hair growth process. Nutrient-rich foods and proper hydration can enhance the effects of PRP therapy.
Avoid Strenuous Exercise
Refrain from strenuous exercise and activities that may cause excessive sweating for at least a day after the treatment.
Follow-up Appointments
RefraDepending on your provider’s recommendations, you may need multiple PRP sessions to achieve desired results. Schedule follow-up appointments as advised to monitor progress.
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