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PRP Facial Rejuvenation Post-Care Protocols

Follow Aftercare Instructions
Pay close attention to the aftercare instructions provided by your healthcare provider. These instructions may vary depending on the specific PRP technique used and your provider’s recommendations.
Avoid Touching or Washing
Do not touch or wash the treated area for several hours following the procedure to allow the PRP to penetrate and stimulate skin renewal.
Gentle Skincare
Use a gentle, hydrating skincare routine after PRP facial rejuvenation. Avoid harsh or abrasive products for a few days to prevent irritation.
Avoid Makeup
Refrain from applying makeup to the treated area for at least 24 hours or as directed by your provider.
Minimize Sun Exposure
Protect your skin from direct sun exposure and UV radiation for at least a week after the procedure. Sunscreen with a high SPF and protective clothing are essential.
Stay Hydrated
Continue to maintain good hydration by drinking water to support the skin’s healing process.
Follow-up Appointments
Depending on your provider’s recommendations and your skincare goals, you may need multiple PRP sessions. Schedule follow-up appointments as advised to assess progress and determine the need for additional treatments.
Report Any Concerns
If you experience unusual side effects, persistent discomfort, or have concerns about your PRP facial rejuvenation results, contact your healthcare provider promptly for guidance and assistance.
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