3D Lifestyle Opens Its 4th Location in Bloor Village

3D Lifestyle Opens Its 4th Location in Bloor Village

Big 3D Lifestyle Announcement Alert! We are thrilled to share the news that a brand new 3D location will soon be opening up to be part of Bloor community! Following a number of guesses, we are finally ready to reveal our newest 3D spot.

3D Lifestyle Bloor Village

We are officially opening up 3D lifestyle Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Spa on the 16th of January . This new location has six beautiful treatment rooms, a relaxing lobby, and a consultation room for all of our members to meet our medical experts covering all modalities,tucked in the heart of Bloor Village. Close proximity to a number of cafes and amenities right across Toronto’s High Park makes coming into the city for some glitz and glamour a breeze.

What will be offered?

This 3D Lifestyle Bloor Clinic will offer all of your favorite treatments, from hair to skin and face to booty, it’s got it all! Smooth out those wrinkles and slow down the aging process with Preventative Botox and HIFU!  Friend of filler? Achieve fuller looking lips, contoured cheeks and under-eye area with fillers and reintroduce yourself!
Or pamper yourself with a confidence boosting and revitalizing Hydr-02 facial or Jlo glow! A renewing AHA Core Peel, or collagen-boosting Microneedling (add on a Hollywood laser peel for added exfoliation!) Using Fractional RF helps reduce pores as well as hyperpigmentation. Get the body you desire with EM Body Contouring, which helps tighten and melt away cellulite from your arms, abs, thighs and booty! Plump up those peaches!

Bloor Clinic Crasher Deal

To celebrate our grand opening, For a limited time only, our best-selling treatment JLo Glow will be offered at an INCREDIBLE discounted price.

JLo Glow is the latest addition to our skin treatments. This 5 steps treatment covers cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, infusion, total skin scrubbing, facial skin tightening, and lifting. It’s the perfect way to beat the winter blues and give your skin some much-needed hydration.


This glow-booster is full of antioxidants and nutrients that help brighten, tighten, and YAS! Hydrate the skin. What JLo Beauty Booster can do?

  • Detoxify skin that looks “dull”
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Provide hydration for dry skin
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Everyone loves JLo Glow because it can be used on any skin tone and helps you achieve the results you want, whether that’s less acne, even skin tone or hydrating dry skin. It’s effective, takes little time, and can be done during lunch break. When combined with our beauty fixers’ expertise, JLo Glow’s boosters allow us to infuse newly exfoliated skin with the nutrients necessary to help patients reach their goals.

That’s not all…

We’re ready to welcome you to our new home, and we’re doing it 3D style! Come, see us and save BIG on your faves!
You can now get the treatment you need the same day you schedule your free consultation. Visit a 3D Consultant now for a thorough skin analysis and a relaxing facial treatment, all on the same day! Say good bye to those wrinkles while discussing all things toxins in a one on one appointment. Download our app Now!  Getting the customized care you deserve has never been simpler!

You are a single click away from making your life easier.

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