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Medical Aesthetices  >  PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) + PRF Treatments  >  Vampire Facial (PRP + Microneedling)

  • Vampire Facial (PRP + Microneedling)

  • Microneedling facial with platelet-rich plasma is all it takes to do a Vampire Facial (PRP). Your own blood is used to make concentrated serum for infusion into your skin. The procedure stimulates the generation of new collagen, resulting in skin that is more firm, smooth, and youthful-looking.

    One of the remarkable advantages of PRP facial is that there is no chance of an allergic reaction because your own blood is used.

    Good For:

    • Acne scars
    • Wrinkles
    • Aging skin
    • Pigmentation

    The science of vampire facial

    Plasma facials use roller devices with fine sterile needles that penetrate the skin uniformly and stimulate the production of collagen. PRP is the secret ingredient in what some may even call this a “blood facial”. Platelets play a variety of roles even when you fall and might have injured your knee. We know platelets can help fight in stopping the bleeding, white blood cells are activated to clear the body of dead cells and other detritus. Amazingly, Growth factors and Stem cells released by platelets drive tissue regeneration and healing.

    Microneedle facials are effective for scar management and wound healing. Using this method, you may get smoother, more elastic, and younger-looking skin (a GOLD Standard in Modern Day Anti-Aging Treatments). The tiny wounds created by the process might allow droplets of blood to appear on the surface of the skin but the healing begins the moment treatment starts.

    Pre Treatment Protocol:

    • Avoid the sun for approximately 24 hours before the treatment
    • Make sure you arrive at the clinic with a clean face; No makeup.
    • Avoid taking autoimmune disease medication for 24 hours before the treatment

    What to expect during the treatment:

    • Might feel like sandpaper rubbed across the treatment area.
    • Your skin may turn red and feel tight.

    Post Treatment Care:

    • For at least six hours, refrain from touching your skin. Make sure the serum is still on your skin so that it can continue to work.
    • Next morning, use lukewarm water to wash your face and avoid using any products that could harm your skin. Before touching the skin, wash your hands with soap.
    • Dry with a soft cloth, being careful not to irritate the skin. It’s possible that you’ll notice that your skin feels tighter than usual. A few days to two weeks later, it will become more pliable, and its smoothness will return.
    • If the pain persists after 24 hours despite your best efforts, reach for a Tylenol. Check with your doctor before taking any anti-inflammatory or other drug.
    • Make sure to cover the ice pack with a small cloth before applying it directly to your skin. Keep the applications to five-minute intervals and avoid direct contact.
    • Sleep on your back with your head elevated for the next two days. Swelling and bruising can be reduced in this manner.
    • For at least 72 hours following a Vampire facial, avoid using any exfoliating or harsh products on your skin. You can, however, use an organic, non-toxic moisturiser. Hyaluronic acid can be used by dermatologists to hydrate and nourish the skin.

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