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Nadine Letts

Beauty Consultant and Master Injector


  • Nadine is a registered nurse with over five years of experience working as a cosmetic nurse injector.
  • She started her career in 2017 as an orthopaedic nurse at Trillium Health Partners, quickly learned about the aesthetic field, and instantly knew the line of work was for her.
  • I’ve always been interested in beauty and skin care, as well as creating looks that made me feel more confident and beautiful.
  • Today, her work is to enhance my clients’ natural beauty through artistic accentuation.
  • Her commitment to each of my patients is to ensure a thorough assessment, answer all questions, ease any anxiety or doubt, conduct follow-up appointments, and most importantly, understand exactly what the client wants to achieve.
  • Her practise treats all areas of the face with both dermal fillers and Botox, as well as PRP (vampire facial), hair restoration, PDO threads, Belkyra, and many other aesthetic services.