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Medical Aesthetices  >  Thread Lift  >   Full Face Thread lift

  • Full Face Thread lift

  • Why let sagging skin bring you down when a thread lift can keep you high and tight?

    This minimally invasive alternative to a facelift lifts the brow, cheeks, and jowls in a subtle way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
    threads come in different textures so that treatments can be made to fit each person. How much your treatment will cost depends on the type and number of threads you need, which we’ll talk about during a virtual consultation.

    What are Threads Made of and How do they work?

    is a synthetic sugar molecule. It’s been used for sutures in procedures involving the heart and the eye, as well as rods, screws, and pins in orthopedics.  is completely biodegradable, does not cause scar tissue to form, and does not elicit an immune response. Because  is absorbed wholly by the body, there is much less of a chance of complications.

    thread lifts use strong, absorbable threads that are put in by our doctors using a cannula with a blunt tip to avoid hurting your tissues too much. When the doctors pull out the cannula, the cogs on the threads grab loose tissue under the skin and move it back into place. This lifts the skin. The barbed threads lift better than smooth sutures and cause the body to make more collagen.

    What Happens during the treatment?

    We always give our patients a local anesthetic before performing a Full face  thread lift to make sure they are completely relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. After the area has been thoroughly numbed, the threads is then implanted using a cannula with a blunt tip. This will allow the cannula to penetrate the skin without causing any damage to the underlying blood vessels or tissue. Since it can be molded to fit different shapes and sizes, it can be used to treat a wider region with fewer injections while still producing amazing outcomes.

    What is the Recovery Like?

    When compared to other, more invasive methods of facial rejuvenation, the thread lift’s relatively short recovery period is a major plus. After the local anesthetic wears off, you may experience some pain, but an OTC pain reliever should be sufficient. After the treatment, you should wait 12 hours before touching or washing your face.

    A new layer of collagen will form under your skin during the next few weeks, causing it to tighten and smooth out.

    Are you ready to take your appearance to new heights with the help of a thread lift?

    Call us or book an appointment through our website.

    Not sure which treatment
    to choose?

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